This is obviously just my thoughts things I did or did not do. So if you insist on having a six-foot-tall teddy bear in the corner of your home decor.  Who am I to tell you not to do that but for those of you that have a bit more of a tighter budget fresh out of school.

You know I’m making any money you don’t have a mom or a girlfriend’s or a significant other that’s paying for your stuff. Or maybe they are they’re just stingy what are your reasoning if you have a budget or a tighter budget.

That you are trying to stick with in it is good to kind of have an idea beforehand of things to buy and not to buy just so you’re not wasting much money on stuff. That you don’t really end up using and could have just got later down the line.

Mattress On the Floor.
Mattress On the Floor.

Mattress On the Floor.

Mattress on the Floor thing people that are still doing the whole mattress on the floor. Thing and that’s fine if you mean like if you got to do whatever you got to do. And I have faith in you in a couple years in making enough money .

you can buy a king-sized, double, master bunk bed, if you want I’m not trying to throw anybody under the bus bed cost like is about to $50,00. Like it is not that deep I am in no way shape or form saying you should buy a nice bed.

I don’t even think you should buy a headboard all you want is an average a fine bed and I know a lot of people are like. Well I’d rather have a mattress on the floor and then save up to get the bed that I really wanted.

But here’s the thing nice beds are so expensive additionally they are hard to move and a lot of the time even the really nice ones that you get once you take those apart they don’t go back together.

So I’m just saying a lot of people think that and then two years goes by and you’re still sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Because you’ve been trying to like fill other areas of your house I got my bed from Ikea.

And it comes with drawers and storage underneath of me and I think I spent like $200 on it give or take.  And I have now been using that thing for a couple years so even if you do end up spending a little bit of money on this.

I think over the long term it is definitely worth just spending the hundred two hundred dollars. It was your back will thank me later speaking you’re betting it definitely do buy yourself some nice betting.

People I’ve talked to you about this before and I will probably talk about it again until I am dead don’t be afraid to spend money on your bedding. This is an acceptable place to spend money do you know how long you spend in your bed hours.

 I know who you are there anything about this is that you don’t even really have to spend that much money on a scale of things pillows.  You can get some nice memory foam cooling fancy like any kind of pillow you want from Amazon.

Things like duvets and sheets you also can get from Amazon or even like  I have no regrets about it is on my comforter.  I have a very specific fancy hotel brands I don’t even remember   because I got it so long ago.

Just so warm and it’s like the extra warm variety all I use is this one comforter and a little threshold sheet and I am golden in my 60-degree home.  But I have had that comforter for a disgustingly long time.


I think we’re pushing seven to eight years at least it is clean it’s clean it’s fine don’t worry about it.  The only thing out of the bedding world that is sometimes a little questionable is your mattress.

I definitely recommend getting a mattress and at least like a good quality mattress but the only with mattresses that I just recommend. Keeping in mind is if you don’t know how long you’re going to be in an area.

If there’s a really good chance that you’re going to move maybe you don’t spend a ton of time. You expend a decent malkin don’t screw up your back. But don’t spend like a thousand or two thousand dollars on a mattress.


If you think you’re gonna move in the next couple years because mattresses don’t fit in cars. I know people who have spent a lot of money on a mattress because they also believe in spending money on bedding only.

Then realize that they’re moving in the next year and everything fits in their car except for their mattress. And then they just kind of have to get rid of it it’s just something to kind of keep in the back of your mind.

But as for the rest of furniture I would say your bed is obviously like your basic really poor core. The circle outside of that I would definitely include a couch and a coffee table.

In my last apartment I had a very small studio but I was insistent on getting a couch. Because I don’t like randos sitting on my bed. If you don’t have a couch.

When you have people over or even you yourself where they gonna say other than our new bed. So again don’t feel like you to spend the most amount of money on this.

Coffee Table, Bookshelf & Dresser (Recommended)

Coffee Table, Bookshelf & Dresser (Recommended)

I actually got my couch from world market on sale was a very affordable price and like I said I recommend a coffee table too. Because this kind of provides as your dining room table.

Or just like any other need you would have first surface if you were to go a little bit further than that. I would include maybe a bookshelf or a dresser this kind of depends on your apartment.

Because if you don’t have any storage or any space obviously you’re gonna need to like move those up in the list.  But some places do come with like a lot of closet space.

That doesn’t even make sense to have a dresser in my last apartment there wasn’t really a space for it. So I actually ended up putting my dresser in the closet because I already had one.

That’s all the large furniture but keep in mind a size would you buy things because chances are you might be moving again soon. And you’re young you’re beautiful who knows where life is gonna take you.

So know there are other things that you probably are going to want I’m not saying don’t buy them but something to keep in mind is. If you do just get the basics covered which is what I am recommending to you.

That gives you time to search and to find other things. That you really want for a much cheaper price. For example I really bought into this giant heavy marble coffee table. From CB to still have it askew.

But that thing is expensive once I had an idea of relatively the time that I was to be moving out. I left Craigslist open on my desktop and every couple of hours would just go over there.

And refresh a search for the coffee tables exact name I did this for probably a couple weeks. Where I just assumed is every just so often when you think about it to go over there.

And refresh it but eventually I found a coffee table that I wanted in really good condition.  For like a fifth if not a six of the price that it was online. But I’m not saying that you have to do that for every single thing.

But it is a good idea if you are okay with the Craigslist world and even if you’re not just like waiting for things to be on sale or Black Friday. And you know some kind of coupon code.

So I just urge you to fight off that need for instant satisfaction with some of the larger pieces that you want for smaller things. This is obviously a little bit different.

Because it’s much smaller scale definitely recommend buying is a nice pass vacuum. I’m talking like a cordless light easy to get the roof with vacuum. I was fortunate enough to actually be gifted.

A very nice vacuum but I use that thing all the time and having a really nice easy to use one makes cleaning. So much nicer and easier has something that you can keep and use for like five years.

As long as you don’t murder your vacuum so if I were you if you had anybody that likes you what.  I would do is like ask your family at Christmas like hey instead of getting me anything.

could you all just pitch in for like a really nice vacuum or you know maybe your mom loves you enough to buy you one for your birthday. Or something but just saying good idea get yourselves a vacuum.

Other smaller kitchen staples like dishes silverware plates definitely buy what I did is just get a neutral color. That complements a couple dishes a couple you know whatever it is in a neutral color.

Because then when you do have a little bit more money later on you can get them more exciting cute thing that you want. It’s a little bit more expensive.

but it’ll still match with whatever neutral tone that you bought initially ask it’s definitely buy those. Get as many baskets as your heart wants because these are so crucial for organizing and just like putting like things together.

And even if your style does change where that basket might not be something that. You would have bought presently you can still use it just like put it in a closet or somewhere where it’s less of a decor fees.

And more strictly functional or things I would not buy oh my god don’t even get me started on sense don’t buy do not stop buy sets of things. because most of you are not gonna need it chances.

Are your first kitchen is like a three by five foot space if you’re lucky you do not need nine different pots and pans. What is it your iron chef instead get three just get one nice frying pan.

A small pot and a large unless you use Panza laughs and maybe a medium pot and two pans but stick with three. You’re not gonna need any more do your dishes it’ll be fine.

And the same thing with knives when do you need seven different knives. You don’t only knives you’re really ever gonna use is like a small paring knife. A large Big Daddy knife and maybe a bread knife.

Don’t buy a dining room table you’re a millennial or even worse Gen X we don’t use dining room tables. Mean if you do that’s great I’m glad you’re living the life. But if this is your first apartment It’ll waste the space.

Don’t waste your money we all know you’re gonna be eating on the couch while you watch TV. I’m saying this as somebody that loves actually having like a dining room table.

And being able to set things up but for your first apartment this is more of like a bio later kind of thing. Don’t buy it now buy a cheap folding card table.

Because I like having a table I bought one of these and just keep it tucked behind our couch. But when you do want to have people over like a couple times a year.

When you’re having holidays or you are having kind of a dinner party you can just pull this out and stick a tablecloth on it. You got a table and a long kind of similar lines.

I know it’s really exciting that you have your first home. And you want to have people over and you want to decorate and you want to make things cute. But don’t buy like art or rugs at least not right away.

And I’m not saying that you have to live in some sad bear wall decrepit home. But if you only have X amount of money there’s a lot of other things that you actually need.

Lot of the stuff that I bought was preempted and on sale so I was like trying to tell myself that it was okay. But even as someone that pretty frequently has people over and likes to use all of her nice dishes all the time.

I don’t have fancy regular dishes I just have nice dishes and we use them every day gold, silver, every day, just like what the dining room table is. You are not going to be using these items as often.

So it’s kind of like a misuse of your very few dollars to buy a bunch of serve spoons that you’re going to use twice a year. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ever buy those.

It’s just initially when you’re getting the first things for your apartment think of the things that you use most often. Try to buy things that you are going to use on more of a regular daily basis.

That is everything I hope this made sense I hope that it helps, I hope you’re excited, for your first new home. That’s gonna be lovely it’s gonna be great that’s probably gonna be some things.

That are terrible but that’s fine it builds character if you have any tips for other people that I missed. I wasn’t really able to cover everything in this but I think a good rule of thumb is to just remember this is your first apartment. This is not your forever stuff don’t be just like buying crap to throw out.

But don’t be afraid to mix some cheaper items with some more expensive items. And hold out a little bit for some of the really expensive stuff that you want.

down the line your taste is gonna change, your priorities are gonna change, so don’t feel too much pressure about it. But also if you really want to buy something and you can follow your heart man it’s okay.

Don’t be stressed and yeah that’s everything so go get yourself a vacuum kids maybe buy a new comforter maybe don’t Dave I thank you for reading and consider this article.