Queen Size Zinus Bed Frame

Queen Size Bed

Hi everyone my name is Tabasum in this article we’re going to cover Queen Size Zinus Bed. Also, knows as the platform bed.

Also known as the box spring replacement. I bought one online it was arrived about three or four days after I paid with free shipment. It is a Queen size bed came through FedEx.  

Quickly Unboxing

As you received the FedEx you are advised to immediately, quickly unbox the parcel which you received to check all the parts are there in right condition.

Specially instructions paper and about product and a tool kit which is needful to assemble this bed completely certify your self.

Assembling Instructions Queen Size Bed


First carefully take it out from a box. It comes with  little hardware kit packets which is the other thing. Therefore, I really like it because you got everything sealed in box.


The screws are the wishbone kind that you just twist with your hand. It will hardly take your 10 to 15 minutes in complete assembling process.


You need just to use the kind of washers and few screws that you have to twist together.  Wingnuts are called Wishbone shaped and you have to just twist with your fingers.


In a case if you had really bad arthritis or nephropathy issue or something like that then it might be little difficult for you.


It is recommended to wear gloves you could wear gloves if you have other no problem do it with little care.


There is only two screws which has to fix together very easily on that Queen Size Bed Zinus Shawn. 


Adjust it in place make shore everything, tight although if you needed to move it to a new house or a new bedroom.


Taking it apart would be simple it is very easy so it looks like the weight distribution will be okay.


You can try it out most probably won’t walk across it because it looks like it’s not intended to take weight.  


This entire product is less than 40 inches long just under 40 inches and in terms of width right around 30 inches height of this product is about 7 inches.


When stored so it is easy to move frequently this is a great option. This queen size bed (Zinus Shawn), has the great option.


Because it doesn’t take much space when not in use and it was very easy to disassemble.

Then it did to assembly okay it’s been a few took less time to disassemble than it did to assemble 

About Other Beds Models of (Zinus Shawn)

Above in this article I covered the queen size bed when more models are also available like deluxe version and elite version.


Every model is same except the legs are slightly more recessed and there’s a little reinforcement around the edges.

The elite model is the completely different model where the crossbars are actual bars instead of wires.


The standard model is design to holdup and this standard bed is just fine with no problems at all.  

If you see any kind of lunge into the bed you know no squeaks or anything seems to hold up just fine seems to be pretty sturdy.


Right down here next to it and I am going to do a couple measurements from the main bar to the next main bar is about 11 inches.

And then the opposite direction the space between the wires is almost exactly 4 inches.

And the distance from edge to the center is around 30 inches.  I hope everything will fine because it will work with almost all mattresses what so ever even with all modern mattresses


With couple exceptions you don’t need a box-spring so this is truly a box-spring replacement.

The whole idea I to use this instead of a box spring. Its simpler you have storage underneath.

Those kinds of things so this would be fine for most all like 95% modern mattresses but if you have any doubt check with the manufacturer.

Certainly your typical mattresses that come in a box. this would be fine all of the mattresses that I’ve reviewed so far.

Sattva Sapir Voila Dream and Cloud Nectar, though to needle any of those will be fine on this.  

The Bed Under Dimensions


Supposed the floor surface height is roughly 14 inches or maybe eighth of an inch less. The under-bed height for the main part is right in the neighborhood of twelve and a half inches on carpet.

At least you do have access to the 12 and half inches underneath most of it there is a cross bar right here.

Where depending what part is going to lower the clearance by anywhere from one inch to seven inches.

So just to give you an example Tupperware bin that I keep some of my equipment in. I can slide that underneath just barely this is a standard 12-inch-tall Tupperware bin.


Just barely fits to give you that storage space and then I have a typical one of these decorative boxes.  

Kind of like a small banker’s box that can slide underneath as well on other thing to be aware about it.

Comes with this peel off strips that are like anti slip strips that you could in theory put across the larger bars.

I don’t really find that to be all that helpful but if you wanted to you Sure could couple thoughts structurally.

It’s fine no problems whatsoever other than like I said if you’re goanna be using it for 7,8,9 years.

I might go with the elite model instead but this would be super choice for an apartment dweller who maybe a college student. 

Someone who is a little transient who may not be living there for a really there for a really long time someone that has to more the bed frame to different places.

Or thinks they will be moving houses in the near future. Someone who has a situation where they’re just short moving houses in the near future.

Someone who has a situation where they’re just short on storage space because you can get you know the standard 12 inch Tupperware boxes under there they do also make an 18 inch.

The variety which will accommodate the even larger Tupperware containers.