How to Decor Room.

how to decor room

Decor Room.

I know that when we have a new room to decorate or you want to redecorate or completely transform or just change a few things whatever it is can be a little bit overwhelming because you genuinely don’t know where to start.

I’m actually in the process of turning my whole office into a new dining area because we’re moving the office into your bedroom in the apartment so I figured while I was doing it like in real time I would actually show you the steps.

Five-Step Process.

I’m taking from clearing it out to ordering the things and everything in between I’ll show you my five-step process and hopefully will help you to and make things way less overwhelming.

So obviously, I won’t be able to show you that in the article. But I’ll tell you the exact process and then I will describe the results which appeared in a few weeks time I’ll tell you the end result. So here are the five steps we’re actually starting the process today.

Step Number One.

Step one is to clear out everything that’s in here except for the things that I’ll be keeping which are possibly the chairs so we’re actually gonna move everything out today now and then I’ll tell you about how the empty room looks everything.

You’re so strangely not gives me a better idea of the space and this is so easy it’s so empty now and then this just gives you like the kick you need to kind of get the ball rolling so if you do have a room that you’re transforming sooner than later here and all of my places for everything and then you can start the new design okay.

Step Number Two.

Step number two is the fun parts and in my opinion basically it’s finding your inspiration and doing your research and just like all of us I’ll use Pinterest I absolutely love it but also agree that it can be very time-consuming so in order to make the best use out of Pinterest this is what you have to do you only pin images and find images that merge your room design and shape.

I don’t want you pinning images of these beautiful bedrooms that look nothing like your bedroom not talking about what’s in it like not the bed or the table or whatever it is but just the shape of the room just find images that are the same shape as the room that you have and then that will give you such a good idea of what you can do with your space.

For example, I have a board called NYC dining area and I only really have images in there that I know could work in my dining area and there’s a few in particular that like really kind of scream out to me.

So then immediately it just gives me a really good idea and really good inspiration for what I can do in my room okay and then as soon as you kind of have your inspiration file and your research done.

Step Number Three.

The step number three is to make a list of every single thing you need for the room and I mean down to the plant to the candle. Whatever it makes a really comprehensive list of everything that you need and then you can start budgeting.

And then when it comes to the budget you have to be realistic like for example I’ve been looking at dining tables all week and I never knew how expensive they were I’ve seen tables that I absolutely love for like $1,500 and $2,000 and $3,000 but for me it just doesn’t make sense for a rented apartment right now because it might not fish the next apartment.

I go to so I know straight away that I want to find dining room table for like under five hundred dollars or five hundred and under so kind of write your list.

Then right next to that a rough estimate of how much you’re willing to spend on the piece and then that’ll give you an idea of how much you need to budget for it overall for the room. Okay and then when you’re doing this mate and you’re kind of like rough estimate.

Step Number Four.

Now you ready to go the step number four then here is to really ask yourselves okay what could I actually DIY if you’re into that and even if you’re not into it don’t knock it before you try it I love DIY and I’ve done lots of DIY in my apartment and literally saved hundreds of dollars.

So always when I make my list of a room and where I kind have to start from scratch. I look at everything and I ask myself okay what could I actually DIY or like what could I do a little bit cheaper and then that costs my budget and costs my spending down so much so my trick for this is to go on YouTube.

So if you want a white and gold dining table like I was looking them off they’re 700 800 900 and above dollars but you could go to buy a plain white table with plain white legs and spray paint the legs gold and literally save hundreds of dollars.

There are so many good tutorials online on YouTube so search what you’re thinking and I guarantee you these so surprised of how easy things are and how much money you can save so that’s like.

Something I always do when I’m starting to redecorate a room okay and then if you’ve got this fire you were doing a really well you were at the end of the to-do list so basically with you all that done all the research all the kind of like budgeting that’s like the things done.

Step Number Five.

The step number five in this last step the last thing to do is to either go online or go into a store and really make those orders and I will say when I moved into my apartment first I was kind of my first time doing off an apartment.

I was a bit new to it and I really didn’t realize how long things take to arrive like couches or dining tables or any big pieces of furniture can take months to get to your apartment or get to your house to do this before you’re ready because if you want your apartment to come together quickly and you just really want to get it done to get those orders in fast.

So go online like go on two maybe three or four different websites or going to three or four different stores don’t delay too much make your decisions and put your orders in and then everyone would do in DIY go into the hardware store get all your bits and pieces ready like spray paint a contact paper or whatever it is you need.

And get working on that quickly too because things always take longer than you expect to get as organized as you can and everything will come together so well alright and that is everything.

I really hope that was helpful and I am kind of halfway through those steps of my own room now so hopefully that will come together and I’ll be sure to tell you the end results read the next part of this article.