Essential Home Decor Items

Essential Home Decor

Information in this article is about essential home decor  and it just for the persons who can know a stay little somber. 

The people who don’t have a any kind of plans about how to decor their home. and they want to live a little jumper as they are.

So let’s move in to the subject  there is a tons of essential home decor which should you have. in your homes.

If you want to know all about those ton of  home decor furniture & essentials complete read this informational article till last line.

I have a lot of essential home decors which I purchased from different online stores. I will  write all abut these essentials because they are so cool. 

When recent I moved in my new home I purchased quite a few new things from various online furniture stores.

The Runner Carpet

home decor furniture & essentials
home decor furniture & essentials

The very first things I got is this runner so I looked everywhere for a runner of my choice.

That I had like black and white and literally obviously I found one in a very affordable price.

I bought that runner under $40 so remember at the end I will give you down below links of all products.

And you guys make it shore to check out. But it’s not like the most amazing quality every but I feel like it.

Because I feel like it does a job doesn’t all look so pretty and the perfect.

This runner length is perfect it looks good here at the entrance. Its I love it that ties this little entry together.

Shelf With Nails

home decor furniture & essentials

When buying shelf its height is really matters. The use of Shelf if you really want home decor.

Otherwise you can place any shelf at any place where you want. I wanted one that you actually like nail into the wall.

I’ve seen some of the other one called like Ladders. They actually like to start small and then go down bigger at the bottom.

I wanted one that was completely like even in uniform inside this is the one that I found here in picture.

I was a little over a hundred so pretty good pricing and I loved it and it was like I was trying to find.

With black hardware and then the dark brown shelf plus I had a space and I want something to fill it.

As You can see in pictures this Shelf looks so cute and adds so much more to this whole space.  

Tufted Chair

home decor furniture & essentials

The other thing which I purchased it was Chair I am still not crazy but actually but they are really cute.

You will like if this look that you ‘re going for which is what I thought. I wanted then they’re pretty and they’re cute and they’re just like a tufted chair.

You can see how they’re like tufted and I looked everywhere for like a creamy color.

I guess I’m not so crazy about them because i wanted them to match these chairs and they don’t match perfectly.

But I guess that’s kind of what happens when you buy chairs separately and you were on the hunt to find matching chairs too.

And they were super affordable too that was the other thing they were like they were something super for to go through.

Knobs & Handles

home decor furniture & essentials

Knobs & handles are the main items for home decor furniture & essential. I found these right away you can seen in picture.

Handles are available in so many sizes, colors and materials. So you can literally just measure from all and then find the right one.

To find exact size that you need is a little hard job. These ones are like a matte black which I bought. They are not like the absolute best quality but they’re good enough.

Every single handle in the kitchen it was like a little under delek. So literally I transformed the entire look of the kitchen into like a kind of modern look.

Like this for under hundred dollars only. because we had silver or one of these pillars and it was silver stand.

This Stand out this contrast here it has been so into like black and whites. How long did you took to do all the handles super quick especially since I taught you the drill trick.

First and then I use a drill yes it took me like did it myself like how easy it to do. you just and then there’s still tow more things I want to mentioned here in this informatics article.

Pillows & their Stuff

home decor furniture & essentials

Under this chapter of home decor furniture & essentials I like to talk about some kind of like hack.

Almost something I don’t know why it took for me this long to figure out and think of this okay in the past I had old pillows and stuff like western.

Knows this I’ll just through them out if they ‘re like out of season or if I just don’t like the style anymore. I throw it out I donate them and we have bunch of old ones from my old house.

Before through them I was trying to find pillows that were more affordable than the once you find that target.

That are like twenty thirty dollars each and I found a ton of pillow covers. I said okay I’m will try these pillows.

So I bought a few they came in the quality is so good. You would never know these are literally pillow covers and I put old pillows are in.

Honestly this is not you never told me that I thought you bought new pillows. No I didn’t have the time it like and they look so good.

I’ve been sleeping on those things they looks so good and watching on those things. And the crazy thing is I think most of these are from different sellers and all of them have great zippers.

I thought the zipper might break and then of a broke this one’s play my favorite one. actually and I wish you guys can actually feel it. it’s like a super thick good quality pillow.

Home Decor Curtain

home decor furniture & essentials

I bought recently these home decor Curtain I was looking for a curtain rod I got these black one rod.

So I got these black one with just pretty simple black knobs on the end. You’d be surprised these little things that make huge difference and the reason I realize.

That is because we toured some of the model homes and I was like kind of looking at all.The little details that they did and a lot of them did like the black curtain roads.

I feel like that makes such a big difference with white curtains. There’s just like a good contrast of black and whites.

That was like pretty easy simple and I think they look so good. Stands out against the white like it’s a good contrast so that is all decor.


I thought of all these things I am obsessed with everything that I got and I can’t believe everything was so affordable.

I actually kind of got this idea when one of my friend asking me about something like that.

Do you not live with prime and the I was like I buy furniture from Prime I buy anything that I can think of that I can’t find anywhere I will go on Amazon.