Divani Casa Polaris -Sectional Sofa

Divani Casa Polaris -Sectional Sofa

Divani-Contemporary Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa awesome You can change the configuration which was my unanswered question.

I took the 35″ piece and put it on the ottoman side and it’s still very long on the side I too from. Here is a pic. (don’t let the paintings sour it for you.

I haven’t hung them up and I don’t want my dog eating them) Just showing you a different setup, the piece to the right of the corner with the headrest should go on the other side of the corner.

But this way fit better for my apartment. The blue couch is Jennifer Taylor Home Jack Collection and is the most comfortable couch I’ve ever sit on.

This couch is UNBELIEVABLE!! It’s so big, nice, modern, and pretty damn comfy too!. It is on the firm side, but we ordered top grain Italian leather instead of genuine leather or bonded.

It’s scratch resistant with my 3 dogs, it’s firm enough to feel expensive and sturdy. But not too hard that it’s uncomfortable or anything.

Everyone LOVES it, they can’t believe we have this couch. It’s legit a show stopper. We ordered ANOTHER sectional from his company, custom made, and if arrived yesterday and perfect condition.

And is JUST as good, if not, nicer than our first sectional!!! A CONTEMPORARY PLAN IS AMAZING!!!!!. I thought about purchasing these couches for months before we went ahead.

I read lots of reviews online and eBay and any site I could find. Everyone loves them, I promise you won’t be sorry!!!

Product description

Elegant, stunning, modern. Bring astonishing contemporary style into your home with our modern bonded leather sectional sofa.

Features include a built-in side lamp, built-in shelves, and a wooden bookshelf. Made with great precision and high functionality.

This stunning sectional sofa offers generous sitting space and functionality. Turn on the built-in light and it will just shine in your space.