2019 Color & Design Trends

Colors 2019

2019 Color & Design Trends

Home Design, and Color Trends 2019 I want to start with the key color we’re going to talk about five or six colors today that are really going to be iconic for next year and let’s start.

Home Interior Design, with Tricorn black

Home Interior Design, Tricorn black is our interpretation of black and you see on the picture right now has this fantastic room with this beautiful caramel couch.

Which I think that really encapsulates what I am talking about it’s really on 2019 colors & design trend because it’s not a true black.

There’s a softness too. It there’s a lot of gray as you were saying earlier right it’s just got a trace amount of color in it so it’s softer invisible.

Yeah but more importantly as you see it really allows anything you put against it really become their forefront and stay on the front.

it goes really well with the blues and totes and Silver’s it contrasts with wood it looks great with leather. Honestly.

It’s an unexpected backdrop for the holiday now imagine all your twinkle lights and your tree and the green is like there it’s not traditional winter.

White it’s this really great way an unexpected way of doing holiday but throughout the entire year absolutely.

You are seeing black as a key neutral in combination under this 2019 color & design trend.

Bedroom Design with Cavern Clay

Bedroom Design, 2019 year cavern clay so what can I say about cavern clay.

It’s a very beautiful terracotta that I almost see as a neutral it’s not Orange right it’s a softened version of orange.

As you can see on the picture here I love it for its versatility you can obviously use this in a bedroom, dining room, or a work-space or a kitchen.

Maybe it’s your kitchen island but that’s one of the key factors about this color of 2019 colors & design trend.

It is a color but it’s really balanced and works well with neutrals you see this color in nature.

And again you have to think about if it works in nature it’s gonna work in your home absolutely stunning.

It’s just a gorgeous color. Earlier which we’ll touch on just in a minute so again it’s versatility isn’t that it goes very well.

With all sorts of finishes. Natural materials sisal so again you can see in this image natural rug white bedding it’s a beautiful combination.

I love the fact that fact you almost got a two-tone effect in 2019 colors & design trend with the wood.

You get the grain as well as to get the color of the wood but it’s like think of it think of cavern clay with a Seadrift color.

Which is really big for us this year. Indoor outdoors think of it with black I also think of it with it’s like a really beautiful traditional piece of furniture you’re seeing on the picture.

Right now we have this recycled wood it’s like there but it easily goes well with it’s like a real write industrial.

It goes well with traditional but also those pieces of wood furniture. People don’t think about like.

For example, it goes really well with something like that exactly well one of the questions we get all the time is I like this color.

But I’m terrified I don’t know what it’s going to look like in my room.

I don’t have the confidence to paint so we have this great new feature on our color snap app.

It’s augmented reality they are right so you can take a take your phone and hold it up in a room and kind of scan across the room.

And it’ll automatically put that color onto the wall so just another tool to help people with color.

House Design with Rosebud


House Design, Rosebud and same for those familiar not familiar rosebud was our way of bridging millennial pink with a Pottery Barn Sensibility.

It might be the first time you’ll ever hear the word chalky use and it’s like in a positive way.

But it has this edge to it and has a tremendous amount of white to it which makes it really livable.

It’s not that ballerina bubblegum peak that I think people I freed I agreed and also it’s also that pink that I think a guy would really like.

I mean Google tidbit pink was originally a color that was for men right and Victorians exactly Inc was a masculine color in 2019 colors & design trend.

I don’t know that you can use pink in your space. I can feel good about it and what I was like also what I love is the fact.

That since it does have so much white in it you can use it across an entire plane.

I think sometimes you did a pink wall accent wall it can look a little like to say contrived it’s like but now when you use it across the entire plane.

So you see we use there on the trim walls trim exactly the ceiling. You have this really great sense of tonality modernity to it.

And that actually looks really great again with a Sidra for a light color wood as you’re seeing on the picture.

You know it does and it’s a way to take this sort of quintessentially feminine light color and make it really sophisticated so yeah that was a great thing to mention.

I mean and also and say I think again just one of those great opportunities where if you’re thinking about it’s like doing color.

It’s like being a little bit more adventurous in your color choices a little bit more palatable talk about blue next blue is an iconic color always you’re gonna talk about it from your favorites.

Home Decoration with Distance


Home Design, My favorites this year is a color called distance and I think the easiest way to describe it.

It’s a really beautiful dusty denim blue. Here I show it in a hallway again it just sort of brings the idea of the casual.

The coastal the country the rustic it kind of all blends together. With this fusion of this gorgeous color and I highly recommend.

If you’re not a designer it’s really difficult to imagine what a color is going to look like on your walls.

I think there’s a couple of different solutions that I think me and you both yeah I think the first thing valuations is thought about what colors.

You’re in your closet what do you already love right and honestly people say they have paint paralysis what they have is choosing paralysis.

And grade right and most people aren’t as afraid with what they wear in their body. First or there and then you can start to extrapolate and then.

I think you have a tip as well I do so beyond just a color snap app. you can get a customized color selective color palette and then go into your local Pottery Barn store to pick out furniture.

So again we’ll keep talking but just something to consider if you’re looking for colors in your home and want some personalized help so let’s talk about our favorites so you have distance.

Decor Home, with Navy Color


Home Decor, We have Mabel enable is this beautiful navy color that I absolutely love is the stay on the screen.

Right now we did it in a bedroom for 2018 first thing that I love about naval is that it really is a neutral we put enough blue in it that it doesn’t turn blue-black does.

I think a lot of navies do well and when we were talking about the combination of blue and black.

Right there’s enough chrome and in navy and naval right so it doesn’t look like two colors fighting each.

Another right it’s this it’s beautiful I mean I love the fact that people are I don’t think about it’s like blue and black together they think the traditional blue and white.

I think that blue and black brings up a really great way of bringing a sense of urban and trendiness to space without basically making it too trite.

The other thing that I love about this blue, in particular, is that you can use it in your entire home so whether it’s in your bathroom.

Your hallway or in your entryway or your dining room. It’s one of those colors you can have a blue house and not have it be OneNote absolutely I love it I love it.

House Design With Shiitake Color


House Design, I like to talk about another new favorite it’s kind of a new favorite it’s shiitake.

It’s an oyster mushroom colored neutral but it’s one of my new favorite introductions.

I love it because it’s a bridge from gray so we’ve spent five years talking about gray and how much we love gray and we do love it.

Colors are warming up a little bit as we see with our color of the air so shitake is that color for me.

It’s just a little bit of a what’s not beige it’s a warmer neutral that goes with everything.

You can see it on the picture here behind the coat rack it’s just a lovely color it’s very livable it pairs well with natural materials like woods or leathers.

It goes great with black it goes great with white blue so really versatile so definitely a color to check out.

I just like seeing the where shitake so it’s good it’s a good word so that aside for me what is a classic combination.

Is always going to be a blue and white it’s like a blue and white for us is tri true traditional but you can do with a modern twist.

I think the twist is going to come in at not white cabinetry put the color on the cabinetry and you’re actually going to have that wonderful inverse looks.

I think if you’re has been so much money in our kitchen right I basically want to basically plate where you spent your biggest bang for your buck up front absolutely and I agree one of the best friends.

I think in the kitchen for 20 18 and 19 is this tuxedo look which is white and another opposing color black peppercorn Navy.

Some other sort of strong contrasting color. When we said about the best trending color for a nursery for a baby girl I think what we’re loving the most about nursery colors now is their sort of androgynous.

They’re not little boy colors little girl colors they’re kind of neutrals and they live sort of in the middle of that much more sophisticated so not luckiest and puppies.

you know we’re seeing really beautiful beautiful high style rooms for us a party barn.

We just launched modern baby through her as a PB kids line and we’re seeing a massive trend in black and white it was as black a black and white.

With a touch of natural wood or again the touch of caramel was like in there it turns a nursery into a really sophisticated space.

But more importantly, I would also just venture to say parents you are going to spend majority of your time that first year.

And they so pick a color you like yes as soon as that baby is able to walk you’re gonna be changing the room around again and most likely repainted right new bedding new thatches.

Bedroom Decoration With Extra

with extra

Bedroom Decoration, great tip so another color that we’re really loving is extra white and I’ll talk about why I love.

It’s a key color for you extra you can see on the picture right now we painted in a bedroom extra white.

It’s like it’s one of those dynamic colors is that dynamic white which is why I love it.

Changes based on the day of time it’s a really forgiving white and it doesn’t come off bland or cold that a lot of times white can.

But it also makes white tones look beautiful to look if you look at the picture right now the wood looks fantastic.

Everything pops I know that and that’s what a white room does it provides a fantastic background for you to display your artwork.

Your tapestries your it is like bedding. It’s one of those whites that I mean.

Crewmembers which I’ll talk about a little later really love X right because it’s one those it’s one of those colors that you can paint across the entire space absolutely and my perspective.

It’s a great neutral white it’s not too cool it’s not too warm it sort of becomes everything that it’s coupled with or paired with so I think it’s a great choice. feel free to send your questions about I will take care of responding.